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From Intranet to Extranet

It breaks down the boundaries of corporate departments and enables flexible business collaboration.
It supports smooth business flow by making external partners to participate in the business according to the business situation.

Service features

Opentask is a global collaborative service that enable business collaborations even when using different languages.

Global response
Opentask provides a wide range of languages for organizations and companies in various countries to access services.
Currently various languages such as Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese are supported, and other languages will be added later on.
Invite an external guest
An external guest (partner) who is not a full member of the team can participate in the board.
Genuine collaborative service functions to collaborate on common tasks is provided.
The authorization settings specify the work role of the guest.
Translation function
Real-time translations of the postings and the conversations of messenger written in other languages are provided.
The smooth communication between the members of using different languages is possible.
File translation
All document files registered by the team will be translated into the language the member is using.
Not only contents but also document files are translated to make global business easier.

Main functions

Opentask provides the essential functions that you really need.

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Why Opentask

Organizations that need business communication with 'overseas partners'

We are working together with foreign partners. Even the person in charge who is not fluent in conversation by foreign language can communicate directly with foreign partners through the translation function of Opentask messenger.

Organizations that need effective business management

Until now, all the tasks have been processed through email. Since Opentask creates and manages the project board by the characteristics of the work, it is easy to organize person in charge of the task in each project, and it is easy to check the work progress through the business record created naturally.

Organizations that need a messenger for business use only

Our team was using personal messenger for business communication. Now that it is possible to have business conversations with an Opentask messenger rather than a personal messenger, and private conversations and business conversations are clearly distinguished. By sharing business posts created on the project board with

Organizations that frequently collaborate with external partners

Our company often collaborates with external partners. We have been able to invite external partners to Opentask and work together, not using an external channel like email, personal messenger. It is possible to manage by assigning the authorization settings function by the partner’s business character, and partners can also use Opentask messenger to share their work at the same time, enabling quick feedback processing.

Usage fee

Opentask service is free of charge in the beta test period.

Feel free to use the functions of Opentask.


The Opentask service is available on mobile as well as desktop.

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This is an answer to your frequently asked question.

Currently, it is available with free of charge during the beta service period. We will provide services at reasonable price later.

Currently, we only support translations between English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) in Korean language. Later, we will add translations between English, Japanese and Chinese.

네트워크 보안: AWS는 DDoS, MITM, IP spoofing, port scanning, packet snipping등의 네트워크 보안 이슈로부터 보호되어 있습니다. 실시간 서버 모니터링: 자동화된 모니터링 시스템이 갖춰져 있어 이슈, 경고 및 기타 정보를 보안 매니저에게 바로 전달합니다.

Opentask uses highly reliable Amazon Web Services to provide service. The server's data is encrypted using the AES-256 encryption algorithm, and using SSL to secure the data during transmission.

네트워크 보안: AWS는 DDoS, MITM, IP spoofing, port scanning, packet snipping등의 네트워크 보안 이슈로부터 보호되어 있습니다. 실시간 서버 모니터링: 자동화된 모니터링 시스템이 갖춰져 있어 이슈, 경고 및 기타 정보를 보안 매니저에게 바로 전달합니다.

There is no limit to the current beta service.

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